Art photography

Welcome to my page !!

I — Kate!

My job gives me enormous pleasure.

I want to assure you that, in turn, it is necessary to address it to me)

Creativity. For this photographer it is very important to have their own unique vision, because the same type of frames is unlikely someone interested in.
Professionalism. Obviously, not having this quality, the photographer will not be able to make good pictures.
Reliability and punctuality. Who can cheer late or too long processing photos.
Areas in which I shoot:
— Wedding photo shoot
— Family photo shoot
— Love Story
— Portrait photo shoot
— Object shooting
— Sequential shooting
Adoption of orders can be done at any time of the day or night! I promise a warm and free atmosphere during the shooting, magical images and high spirits
We offer quality services for your holidays and highlights.

We work in the St. Petersburg area, as well as Finland.

In St. Petersburg travel 2 hours over an area of 4.

In Finland, on 8 hours. change of 300 euros