Aerial view with quadrocopters

kvadrocopterAerial view of Finland, St. Petersburg and Len.obast

Aerovideo and photo shooting private parties, non-commercial activities, low-budget movies,

aerial wedding, sports events

Up to 2 hours 4000 p.

Shift (8 hours): 10000 rubles

Do not edit videos, photos.

Mounting clips discussed individually

Creating 3D panoramas.

The cost of one pan of 8000 rubles.

You can create groups of panoramas. Panorama with interactive elements (links, videos, etc.).

If you need aerial photography houses — you contact us. Chance of cashless payments and the conclusion of long-term contracts for aerial surveys. (Monthly aerial objects in the course of construction, etc.)

Possible trips to other cities / regions and countries. The team opened the Schengen visa.