Smart House

Professional systems integrator «Smart House». Development of the concept, design, installation, maintenance of home automation systems.

Systems to save energy and simplify life. Turning the heating, remote temperature control, and more.


Automation facilitates the management of equipment and home life-support systems, making the house comfortable.

The logical control lights, climate, media — all home systems — saves your daily personal time.

Establish a system of «smart house», you can easily control the lighting at home and landscape lighting, «one-click» run dynamic light scenes and scenarios, lighting control via mobile applications, while away from home.

Home automation provides a rational operation of climate control systems, the division of the house into zones and a simple setting the desired temperature in each of them.

Energy savings
Home automation systems provide a significant reduction in energy consumption costs. This is due to the setting of effective and efficient operation of all the «default» of devices and does not require any action from tenants


At dawn off the external lights at home. Half an hour before the alarm clock ventilation, air conditioning, heated floors go to the main mode. Time to wake up.
Curtains let in a soft light, the backlight turns on 10% brightness, the light in the hallway lights on motion sensors. The bathroom has heated towels, plays favorite tunes.

When it gets dark, turn on garden lights. You press a button and the house goes into night mode: Gradually the light goes out, the curtains closed, climate-control begins to work in economy mode are disabled household outlet, turn on burglar alarm.
During a trip

Leaving on a business trip or vacation? The script for «travel» will convert all systems houses in the appropriate mode: energy + imitation presence. And your house will never freeze with anti-freeze mode.

Home Theater

Lowered the screen, turn on the projector and the media server with a library of movies, the receiver switches to the desired channel, close the curtains, smooth off all the lights in the room, can only highlight the desired color. When you receive a call on the mobile phone film will be automatically put on pause and turn the light on 30%, and if you call the intercom, the image from the camera is displayed on the projector screen or TV.
Leaving the house

Before leaving the house is not necessary to check if everything is closed and off — just a button at the front door. Close the windows, the curtains, turned off the lights and household sockets, air-conditioning goes into economy mode, security alarm is activated, information is displayed in a mobile application that enabled mode «away from home».
Returning home

You activate this mode with your smartphone on the way home, the climate control system is translated to native mode, and supports a comfortable temperature when you drive up, automatically turns on the external lights, and if you disable the alarm automatically turns the light in the hall. If you have invited guests, just turn on the «guest» mode and going to the house you will plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday.